July 29th, Rain Day in Waynesburg is the only holiday, anywhere in the world, which is not a success unless it rains!! It is just another day to the rest of the world, but to the people of Waynesburg, it is special festivities on Main Street with entertainment, umbrella decorating contests, children's activities, handmade quality crafts and lots of good hometown food.

The festival is 'reigned' over by Miss Rain Day who is selected at a county wide beauty and talent pageant prior to the 29th. The coveted title is awarded to a Greene County girl between the ages of 14 and 18. The pageant had its humble beginnings as a bathing beauty contest held on the courthouse steps in the early 1950's. It was held sporadically until 1979 when the Waynesburg Area Chamber of Commerce began sponsoring the pageant with a local dance teacher directing it. It was moved to the Waynesburg Central High School Auditorium and became a scholarship pageant. The 'bathing beauty' format was changed to four areas of competition; personal interview, sportswear, evening gown and talent. In 1989 the Chamber of Commerce took over the planning and directorship of the pageant and began a campaign to create a wonderful summer for the contestants and a professional pageant for the spectators. In 2003, the Chamber created a new non-profit entity, Rain Day Scholarship, Inc. whose sole purpose is to plan and execute the pageant. Each year thousands of dollars is given to the contestants who take part in weeks full of fun and exciting pre-pageant activities.

For information on Rain Day, please visit the Special Events Commission site.

Archived News

Snyder, Solobay honor Army officer at bridge dedication - 9/19/14

Snyder, Solobay honor Army officer at bridge dedication - 9/19/14

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Five young ladies to compete for Rain Day royalty - 7/25/14

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Annual Kickoff Banquet Held - 6/30/14

Rain Day Scholarship Inc. is now accepting applications for the 2014 Miss Rain Day Scholarship Pageant - 4/24/14

Miss Rain Day raising money for Alzheimer's Association - 8/3/13

Rain royalty - 8/1/13

Carmichaels girl crowned Miss Rain Day - 7/29/13

Miss Rain Day walks for Alzheimer’s research - 7/26/13

Reflecting on rain royalty - 7/25/13

Kendall Lewis ready to relinquish crown - 7/24/13

Coleman Scott betting against rain on Rain Day - 7/23/13

Rain Day Pageant this Sunday - 7/22/13

The GreeneSaver covers Rain Day

Mayor takes on Coleman Scott in Rain Day hat bet - 7/19/13
Seven young ladies to compete for Rain Day royalty

- 7/18/13
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Rain Day listed as ‘wacky’ summer event - 7/10/13
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Seven young ladies to compete for Miss Rain Day title - 6/21/13

Rain Day contestants preparing for pageant - 6/18/13

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Miss Rain Day Pageant contestants announced - 6/8/12

Event kicks off festivities for Miss Rain Day - 5/26/12

Applications accepted for Miss Rain Day - Observer Reporter - 4/24/12

2012 Miss Rain Day Pageant Sponsors

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Past Results

Click below to download and read the winning essays.

2012 John O'Hara Essay Award - Chelsea Coder
2012 Remo C Bertugli Memorial Essay Award - Stephanie Mitchell
2011 John O'Hara Essay
2010 John O'Hara Essay

2010 Remo C Bertugli Essay

Past Miss Rain Days'

Miss Rain Day 2016 - Bryn Patton - Click here to view her year
Miss Rain Day 2015 - Claire Kreider - Click here to view her year

Miss Rain Day 2014 - Morgan Voithofer - Click here to view her year
Miss Rain Day 2013 - Stephanie Mitchell - Click here to view her year
Miss Rain Day 2012 - Kendall Lewis
- Click here to view her year

Miss Rain Day 2011 - Joanna Allen - Click here to view her year
Miss Rain Day 2010 - Kelcee Headlee
Miss Rain Day 2009 - Emily Block
Miss Rain Day 2008 - Elissa McCracken
Miss Rain Day 2007 - Erica Bristor
Miss Rain Day 2006 - Ali Nelson
Miss Rain Day 2005 - Courtney Diane Franks
Miss Rain Day 2004 - Elizabeth J. Carroll
Miss Rain Day 2003 - Paige Shlosky
Miss Rain Day 2002 - Rachel Marie Burack
Miss Rain Day 2001 - Angela Bertugli
Miss Rain Day 2000 - Alyssa Corfont
Miss Rain Day 1999 - Katie Wilson
Miss Rain Day 1998 - Kristen Szarell
Miss Rain Day 1997 - Autumn Marisa
Miss Rain Day 1996 - Carla Caldwell
Miss Rain Day 1995 - Stephanie Rafferty and Jodi Leigh Wade
Miss Rain Day 1994 - Amber Chaudhry
Miss Rain Day 1993 - Sherri Lynn Tucker
Miss Rain Day 1992 - Michelle Maxon
Miss Rain Day 1991 - Amy Headlee and Amber Renee McKean
Miss Rain Day 1990 - Jonella Wozny Williamson
Miss Rain Day 1989 - Allison Nixdorf
Miss Rain Day 1988 - Pamela Titus Bogucki
Miss Rain Day 1987 - Katrina Synder
Miss Rain Day 1986 - Christine Booth Owens
Miss Rain Day 1985 - Ann Beth Cowan Kier
Miss Rain Day 1984 - Jodi Burge Berry
Miss Rain Day 1983 - Michelle Morris
Miss Rain Day 1982 - Julie Winslow Jones
Miss Rain Day 1981 - Kim Huffman Bedilion
Miss Rain Day 1980 - Gianna Mucci
Miss Rain Day 1979 - Lisa Elek Winning
Miss Rain Day 1971 - Georganne O'Brockta Farrah
Miss Rain Day 1968 - Marianne Prodan Gideon
Miss Rain Day 1964 - Carla Gray Kiger

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Vote for Miss Ohio 2012 Elissa McCracken
The Miss America Organization is proud to announce your opportunity to vote for a finalist at the 2013 Miss America Competition, broadcast live from Planet

Miss Ohio Send Off

Elissa McCracken Crowned Miss Ohio 2012!

Congratulations to our very own Elissa McCracken - Former Miss Rain Day 2008 and daughter of Jeff & Helen McCracken (McCracken’s Pharmacy) on winning the title of Miss Ohio Saturday, June 23rd in Mansfield, Ohio! Elissa will be competing in the Miss America Pageant in January 2013 – best wishes in Las Vegas!!

Elissa McCracken
The Chillicothe Gazette photo credit: Jason J. Molyet

Elissa McCracken
Picture Credit: Miss Ohio Scholarship Pageant

Support Miss Ohio at Miss America

Support Miss Ohio at Miss America
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Elissa McCracken – Miss West Central Ohio

Rain Day Scholarship Inc. wishes Elissa McCracken, Miss Rain Day 2008 good luck as she prepares to compete in the Miss Ohio Scholarship Pageant.  Preliminaries are scheduled for Thursday, June 21st, Friday, June 22nd and Miss Ohio Finals are Saturday, June 23rd.  For more information please visit http://missohio.org/miss-ohio-week-2012-2/local-titleholders/ and http://missohio.org/

Photo courtesy of Bruno & Bruno

Erica Bristor
Rain Day Scholarship, Inc. wishes Erica Bristor, Miss Rain Day 2007 good lucck as she prepares to compete in the Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Pageant scheduled for May 23rd, May 24th and May 25th 2012.

Miss PA
Miss Pennsylvania and Miss Rain Day 2011 Joanna Allen

Miss Rain Day 2011

Miss Rain Day 2010
2010 Rain Day Court

Spirit Winners
2010 Spirit Award Winners L-R: Joanna Allen & Haley Lipscomb

2009 Rain Day Court

2009 Rain Day Court
Mikayla Sonneborn - 4th, Shannon Morgan 2nd, Miss Rain Day 2009 Emily Block, Shelby Block -1st, Kelcee Headlee - 3rd Payden Policz, crown bearer is in front row

2008 Rain Day Court
2008 Rain Day Court
Pictured left to right: Kelsie Lapping, 4th Runner Up; Mikayla Sonneborn, 2nd Runner Up; Miss Rain Day Elissa McCracken; Delaney Lohr, Crown Bearer: Kalya Coss, 1st Runner Up; Ashley Rush, 3rd Runner Up

Miss Rain Day's at the 30th Anniversary Reunion Luncheon

30th Anniversary Rain Day
Left to Right: Marianne Prodan Gideon (1968), Jonella Wozny Williamson (1990), Autumn Marisa Lexer (1997), Miss Rain Day 2007 Erica Bristor, Jodie Burge Rhodes (1987), Pamela Titus Bogucki (1988)

Rain Day Reunion Photo
Left to Right: Jodi Burge Rhodes 1984, Pamela Titus Bogucki 1988, Jonella Wozny
Williamson 1990, Sherry Tucker Clark 1993, Kristin Szarell 1998,
Katie Wilson Bennett 1999, Rachel Burak 2002, Elizabeth J. Carroll
2004, Courtney Franks 2005